Each of us is unique and no two people experience the same situation in exactly the same way. Just some of the difficulties that may benefit from counselling & psychotherapy:

  • Coping with a major life event such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy
  • Relationship problems with family, friends or in the workplace
  • Facing transitions from one life stage to another
  • Depression, feeling hopeless, stuck, isolated or withdrawn or perhaps just feeling low for no obvious reason.
  • Dealing with unresolved emotional issues
  • Abuse matters, whether it is physical, verbal, sexual, emotional or psychological
  • Stress when you overloaded, the pressure and demands are just too much and you feel like you can no longer manage.
  • Anxiety, persistently feeling worried, edgy, a sense of unease or apprehension, fretfulness or fear, probably disturbed sleep too and possibly Panic Attacks
  • Low self esteem, feeling you aren’t ‘good enough’ or aren’t ‘acceptable’ or generally don’t like yourself or believe you are ‘unlikeable’
  • Some people are uncomfortable or unhappy with their given gender label and would like to explore issues related to gender identity, gender variance or gender dysphoria
  • Perhaps you are looking for help to move on from trauma, feeling troubled, or disturbed, suffering ongoing pain and distress after an incident or ordeal
  • Or maybe you want to work on personal development, increasing your awareness of yourself and others, expanding your understanding and increasing your choices
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